Each course will have four sessions, meeting once a week. All courses must have a minimum of six participants enrolled. Tuition is $200 for all four classes.

You may register online below or click here to download and print a registration form to register and pay by mail. Full and partial scholarships are available: please contact to apply.

Shamanism 101 – Mikki Baloy

What is shamanism?  Do shamans really exist in modern Western culture? Who are they and what do they do?  Is shamanism relevant in the 21st century? 

With time for Q&A as well as resources to take home, Shamanism 101 is a provocative primer of humanity’s oldest spiritual technology— and its implications and benefits for modern people.

  • Understand the shaman’s view of healing and the energies that shape our lives
  • Meet like-minded neighbors for rich discussions of spirituality, well-being, and ancestral traditions
  • Survey the history and context of shamanism, and learn specific practices to enrich your life today

Vigorous Civics In The Trump Era – Bill Batson

To Henry David Thoreau, voting “is only expressing to men feebly your desire that (the right) should prevail.”

We will examine some of the greatest political writings in American history, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Frederick Douglass, Ella Baker, and Henry David Thoreau. This course gives participants a workshop setting to review past mobilizations, develop plans for advocacy projects, generate political statements or columns and find like-minded civic activists to help shape local, regional and national public policy.

Guitar Guidance – Jeff Rubin

Guitarists at all levels of experience are presented with unique proprietary problems. How do beginners get over the initial “hump?” Mid-level players can fall into ruts and/or plateau. Journeyman level players need to manage their skill set to a professional level. In Guitar Guidance, players of all levels will:

  • Demonstrate hand positions and angles
  • Emphasize and educate the importance of the “strumming hand”
  • Understand basic theory and history, which gets applied universally
  • Recognize and correct bad habits
  • Challenge and educate with songs selected by the student
  • Pull a thread through the eye holes of your skill set and bind them together.

How To Take Better iPhone Photos – Michael Hays

A collaborative workshop that will help you find your inner photographer

  • Discover iPhone features that suit your style
  • Learn how to make your photos Facebook & Instagram-ready
  • Learn new ways to make your travel photos memorable
  • Create interest in every shot
  • Compose your photos like an expert

The Mindful Poet – Robert Timm

What is the purpose of poetry in a mindful life? How can mindful poetry help us achieve balance and purpose in a world dominated by digital media distractions?

The Mindful Poet will explore expression, meditation and memory through the written word. And highlight opportunities for using language as a vehicle for reflection, purpose and history. You don’t think you have the time, but you do!